2021 Board of Director Candidates

This year we have three directors up for re-election and 1 new candidate for the board.  Our directors up for re-election are Rick Elliott, Daniel Back, and Chris Lennon.  These three have served OMTU for a number of years and their continued presence on the board is appreciated.  The new candidate we have this year is:

Phillip Tipton - I am from the region, originally from Erwin, TN and currently reside in Kingsport. I volunteered to join the board after my son and I volunteered for the past two years in the S. Holston River Clean Up. We enjoyed being engaged with our community, making it better, and being in the great outdoors. I would love to work with TU to bring more members in, especially our youth. I have fond memories of swimming and fishing in Rocky Fork State Park. I would love to help conserve our cold-water fisheries so our future generations can enjoy it too. Thank you for your consideration! 

We will also take nominations for directors from the floor at the meeting.  If you are interested, you can let us know via email or at the meeting.  Directors commit to a three-year term on the board and are required to attend 60% of board meetings and as many chapter meetings and events as fit their schedule.