2018 Board of Director Candidates

This year we have three directors stepping down and 2 candidates for the board.  Our retiring directors are Shannon O'Quiin, Bill Sunderland, and Dale White.  These three have served OMTU for a number of years and their presence on the board will be missed.  The two candidates we have this year are:

Daniel Back - I am 34 years old. I am married to Danielle (kinda weird I know) we have 1 son (Dawson 4). I was born in Elizabethton, started fishing and shooting before I could remember. I was raised doing all kinds of fishing but primarily trout fishing with bait and spinners. Fly fished briefly but didn’t get very far before I started bass fishing. Same old story, sold the boat to buy a house. About 2 years ago got back into trout and especially fly fishing. Joined TU just over a year ago and have really enjoyed learning the gear, techniques and entomology. I have participated in a few clean ups, and at least 1 work day. Looking forward to being part of the group, helping with care of the watersheds, and fellowship of the chapter. 

Laura Thompson - I started fly fishing almost 4 years ago. After sneaking along tiny creeks in search of native brook trout and pursuing trophy browns in the bigger river waters, there were two things I was absolutely certain of.  First: We take for granted the fact that we have so many beautiful and easily accessible places to fish. Most people aren’t aware of how much hard work goes into conserving and restoring our cold water fisheries. I joined Trout Unlimited about a year ago and was blown away by their work in community outreach and education. I had to be a part of it.  Secondly, I hope to increase awareness on that subject and bring a greater diversity to the fishing community. My goal is to recruit more women and youth and educate them on protecting and conserving our waters and their natural ecosystems.

We will also take nominations for directors from the floor at the meeting.  If you are interested, you can let us know via email or at the meeting.  Directors commit to a three-year term on the board and are required to attend 60% of board meetings and as many chapter meetings and events as fit their schedule.