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2022 Board of Director Candidates

This year we have four directors that are at the end of their term.  Mike Givney and Ryan Turgeon are up for re-election for another term.  Daniel Back and Lori Givney will be stepping down from the board.  Daniel and Lori have served on the board for several years and we appreciate all that they have done in their time on the board.  They definitely be missed.  

To replace Daniel and Lori we will be electing two new board members.  Below are the candidates that have volunteered for the position.  


















Evan McDougall - Evan is from Louisiana and learned to fly fish for speckled trout in the surf. He has lived in Jonesborough for the last 2 years and fishes everything from brookies in tiny mountain streams to big bass in the area’s lakes. 




























Liz Rutledge - Liz grew up in a small, rural area of North Carolina, and when she left to attend Appalachian State University, she became a true mountain girl, falling in love with all of the outdoor activities available to her. After graduating from ASU, she returned to school and studied physical therapy assistance and worked in various facilities in North Carolina during the past few years. As a result of her love for the outdoors and camping, she met a group of women who encouraged her to join a fly fishing group, and fly fishing  has become a true passion for her! Even though she grew up on a lake, her family never fished; however, she has now introduced her Dad to fly fishing, and he too has caught the fever. When she found out about a job in prime fishing territory, she decided to apply and moved to the beautiful mountains of Tennessee, not far from her beloved Boone.

We will also take nominations for directors from the floor at the meeting.  If you are interested, you can let us know via email or at the meeting.  Directors commit to a three-year term on the board and are required to attend 60% of board meetings and as many chapter meetings and events as fit their schedule.

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